Hellolulu: simple, fun, user-friendly carrying solutions.

Take the light-hearted mood of a holiday and mix it with sleek, streetwise design. Add in the functionality required by the global traveler. Put it all into a bag, and the result is Hellolulu: simple, fun, user-friendly carrying solutions.Hellolulu was started by two friends who had a clear vision: Create useful products, infused with sophisticated design and uplifting style—something missing in a largely uniform industry.Hellolulu does the thinking for you in our studio, so you can effortlessly organize and carry your necessities. Using chic, sharp color combinations, Hellolulu also makes it easy to coordinate your bags with your wardrobe and your personality.Stylish and durable by design, Hellolulu puts lightness into your luggage and brightness into your bags. Live our dream of affordable style, without the fluff.