The Kit-Cat Klock is an art deco novelty wall clock shaped a grinning cat with cartoon eyes that swivel in time with its pendulum tail. It is traditionally black, but models in other colors and styles are available. It is an iconic symbol of kitchens in pop culture.[citation needed]

The first clock was made in 1932 by the Allied Clock Company in Portland, Oregon. Allied subsequently moved to Seattle, Washington and then to southern California in 1962, whereupon it was renamed California Clock Company. The clock’s design has changed little in the intervening years, with the first generation, manufactured from the 1930s–50s having two paws, and newer models having four paws and a bow tie. The words “Kit-Cat” were added to the clock’s face in the 1980s. The original clocks were AC-powered, but most sold since the late 1980s use batteries. The manufacturer estimates that an average of one clock has been sold every three minutes for the last 50 years.[1]

The name “Kit-Cat” is a trademark of California Clock Company.